Don Quixote Statue

Don Quixote of La Mancha is a novel written by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes. A story of a hero in his own mind that travels with a sidekick named Sancho who takes care of his master after good intentions turn into personal challenges (ie… Don Quixote jousting a windmill). Published in two volumes a decade apart (in 1605 and 1615), Don Quixote is the most influential work of literature from the Spanish Golden Age in the Spanish literary canon. As a founding work of modern Western literature, it regularly appears high on lists of the greatest works of fiction ever published.

Now that you know the history of the mythical man, have you ever seen a 16′ statue of him here in the US and of all places in the Florida Keys. When you’re heading south towards Key West on US-1, pull off on the right hand side of the road at Mile Marker 99.2 to see this towering guardian of bronze. These pieces of artwork are awesome, everything here at Exotic Gifts is for sale ranging from a few hundred dollars to a $28,000 bronze fish… well, that is except for the Don Quixote statue which the owner has refused to part with to date though the manager said and I quote: “For the right price I’m sure that he’d grudgingly sell it!”. Don’t miss this literary giant 🙂 amongst the children playing around his feet, it’s truly remarkable!

Now you too can find Senor Don Quixote’s larger than life image, though I looked, I found no sign of his literary pint-size donkey-riding sidekick Sancho Panza.

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