Signs Of Paradise

Welcome To Paradise

Welcome to Key West… Paradise, USA! That’s what the sign says as you crest over the top of Cow Key bridge and first set sight on your journeys goal. I personally take photos of the city signs of my vacation destinations making a good entry to all of the following related photographs of the entire trip. On the backside of the same Welcome to Key West sign is the flip side stating Key West Come Back Soon.

You can find the Welcome To Paradise & Come Back Soon signs at the mouth of Key West on Mile Marker 4.1 in the middle of the road between lanes. Please be safe if you choose to venture onto the median, at times it can be quite busy to cross so be patient.


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2 responses to “Signs Of Paradise

  1. My understanding is there is only one way in, one way out to Key West, right? If so I assume I will definitely come across this pretty sign on the way in. Thanks for your great posts.

  2. I do the same with my photos! so easy to remember where you were 🙂

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