FREE Wildlife Walk

6749101277_a9548bd233_bWhat a great FREE attraction this is! Simply get away from the crowds on Duval Street and head towards the beaches where you might be greeted by one of many types of birds or iguana as this guy was! 🙂

The Key West Wildlife Center is one of those hidden places that if not for the sign you’d miss it for sure. The entrance pictured below sits off the main road barely visible as you drive by. It is 100% free to enter even though they do have two photo-op pelicans that double as donation stations ready to take your money. The exhibits include caged and wild roaming animals, Key West chickens, walking paths, a massive Staghorn Fern & the fantastic Audubon pond. The pond is for sure one of the highlights where we stood for 30 minutes watching the many different wildlife animals frolic in the water and its surrounding trees.

You and your family can find this awesome FREE getaway at 1801 White Street beside Key West’s largest bocce ball courts across from Higgs Beach.

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