The Southernmost Southernmost House U.S.A.

IMG_1610I absolutely LOVE THIS! Look closely at the featured sign, no it’s not a misprint, it’s done 100% on purpose to out whit their next door neighbor! 🙂

Welcome to ‘THE SOUTHERNMOST SOUTHERNMOST HOUSE U.S.A.‘ (True) 🙂 Only in Key West can you find a raging battle over the word ‘Southernmost’ and how many times it can be used in the same title!

In Key West using the word ‘Southernmost’ is more than a gimmick, it’s a revenue generating machine as well. There’s a Southernmost House in the USA that was first to use the term and holds onto that right to this day. But is it in fact the Southernmost House in the USA? The owners of the ‘Southernmost Southernmost House’ will imfaticly tell you that theirs is truly the southernmost house in the USA. I say touché for the underdog Southernmost 2X home going after its next door neighbor the bigger and more famous Southernmost 1X home. I like that, no fear!

You can find this uniquely different use of the word ‘Southernmost’ at ‘THE SOUTHERNMOST SOUTHERNMOST HOUSE U.S.A.’ located directly beside Key West’s #1 attraction ‘The Southernmost Southernmost Buoy’. (hehe) 🙂 It’s easy to find, follow the crowds by going to the corner of South Street & Whitehead Street here in sunny Key West.

IMG_1614 IMG_1611

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