Key West’s Life-Like Statues

IMG_1874I ask you, which person in each of the photos are real? 🙂 OK it’s not that hard but boy are the others life-like all the way down to skin tone, fingernails, shoes, clothes, & pocketbook contents. It’s AMAZING, these are the BEST I’ve ever seen!

There’s two options in photographing these life-like sculptures: 1) Pay to go within the compound if a person is required in your photo, 2) Simply stand outside as I did and peer over the top of the fence and zoom in for a FREE photo… then run away so they don’t catch you! :-)  (just kidding… walk away really fast)

You can find these incredibly beautiful full-sized life-like statues at 938 Whitehead Street across from the Ernest Hemingway House within the grounds of the Key West Lighthouse.

IMG_1817     IMG_1820     IMG_1879

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