El Meson De Pepe

The Cuban American community has been a prominent part of the Key West culture for a century and no more visible than here at El Meson De Pepe.

This is nothing less than a FANTASTIC place to spend 30 minutes to an hour doing nothing but looking around at the wall décor, exhibits, cigar shop, restaurant, live music nightly, & all around joy to the eyes experience. It’s all FREE unless you eat it or take it home as a souvenir! 🙂

Seen below are a couple of twins I spotted and asked if I could take their pictures and of course all four said ‘Yes’. The bearded ones were in town for the annual Earnest Hemingway ‘Look-a-like’ contest just sitting down having a meal. The other odd looking guys (one tall & one small) looked like Danny DeVito & Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1988 genetic experiment comedy movie ‘Twins’. Believe it or not the two guy don’t even know each other but past the other wearing the same shirt which I thought extremely amusing! 🙂

You can find this proud centerpiece of the Cuban American community paying homage to its rich heritage and istory all over the outside and inside of the ‘El Meson de Pepe Restaurant’ located at the insanely popular tourist mecca of Mallory Square.




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