Key Largo’s First Movie Theater

8629474977_739b472ba2_bHave you ever wondered where Key Largo’s first movie theater was? OK, I haven’t either! 🙂 You’re about to find out!

Behind this generic unassuming front of a building lies a treasured past that few residents of Key Largo are even aware of. This is in fact Key Largo’s first movie theater. I found this old movie theater totally by accident simply by asking questions while researching another blog. In questioning the manager of a local motel, he asked me if I knew about the building next door that they were using as a laundry. I said “No” as he then guided me on a personal tour. Talk about surprised, WOW was I impressed as our tour included the old projection room (seen below as the elevated cement block portion of the against the center apex of the building), where the movie screen hung (on the inside of the back block wall seen in the photo below), and of course the entrance with the plants and flowers around it in the featured photo.

You too can find Key Largo’s first movie theater at Mile Marker 99.5 bayside across from the ‘Super Big Ass Chair’.

PS – I’ve been unable find any old photos or detailed information about the theater like its opening and close dates, seating capacity, concessions and so on. So if you know please contact me as a comment and I’ll surly respond! Thanks, Mr. 365 Days

8629436955_4debe3a00f_b     8630579950_36771b53b3_b

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