Where’s The Southernmost Red Sox Nation?

5950818471_de491e572c_bI kid you not, there’s a Southernmost EVERYTHING in the Florida Keys!

To prove it here’s ONLY eight of them, and I promise there’s plenty more! Southernmost Beach, Southernmost Deli, Southernmost Strip Club, Southernmost Corner Office, Southernmost Buoy, Southernmost House, Southernmost Hotel, & Southernmost Tattoo.

This blog is about a different type of ‘Southernmost’! Check out the back of the bouncer’s T-shirt in the featured photo. Welcome to the Southernmost Red Sox Nation! For those of you at a lose, the fanatic fans of the Boston Red Sox professional baseball team are members of what is known as the Red Sox Nation. Even though this is Red Sox territory, you can catch all of your favorite teams on one of their 25 jumbo flats screen TV’s. Who knows, you may have even been here to watch the historic New England Patriots ‘Deflategate’ game! 🙂

You can find this Southernmost Red Sox Nation hangout at the Lazy Gecko on legendary Duval Street next door to the world famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West.


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