Ernest Hemingway’s Doorknob

One of Key West’s best kept secrets! Even though it’s posted on the outside alleyway wall (seen below) it’s not facing the road and can be missed in a heartbeat. This is in fact Ernest Hemingway’s first home in Key West as stated on the hidden sign. This little known fact is available for all at NO cost whatsoever!

Just think, Ernest Hemingway himself touched this doorknob 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of times as he entered and exited his first Key West home. Now called Casa Antiqua, his former residence is on the second floor corner directly above the door seen here. You too can get your photo taken touching the famous doorknob that even few locals know of! Shhhhhh… it’s our secret! Amazing what information a FREE internet blog can give you… so keep reading daily OK! 🙂

Hemingway’s first Key West doorknob can be found at 314 Simonton Street on the right hand side of the infamous Pelican Poop Shoppe. Just think, you can tell your friends “I touched Hemingway’s knob!”… hmmmm, on second thought maybe you shouldn’t! 🙂

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