$10 Round-Trip Ticket To Cuba

IMG_1805Wow, I found a vintage photo of a passenger ship from Key West to Cuba that a caretaker from a local church had in his car and I just had to share it with you.

Todays passenger cruise ships leave the port of Key West en route to popular tourist destinations like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Aruba, & West Indies to list a few… but nowhere will you find one from Key West to Cuba! This gentleman who shared this photo went on saying that he had made the journey many times and then blew me away when I asked him the price… are you ready for this… $10 round-trip! That’s no typo mi amigos, at one time you could purchase a round-trip passenger ship ticket for ONLY $10 from Key West to Cuba! (sorry, the year wasn’t mentioned) 😦

In my personal opinion, I think the route from Key West to Cuba will eventually be reopened… whether I’m alive to see it that’s another story! I do know one thing for certain, it won’t be $10 for a round-trip ticket! 🙂

You can find today’s modern cruise ship port at Mallory Square (seen below) just 3 blocks west of Duval Street in beautiful Key West.


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