Ohio Key Refuge

Welcome to Ohio Key Wildlife Refuge. Ohio Key is divided by Hwy US-1 into two sections, the portion seen here is the Atlantic Ocean side containing the wildlife refuge while the bigger Gulf Of Mexico section is home to a very popular RV Resort & campground with nearly 400 individual campsites.

The photos below show the refuge as a large pond / marsh with a walking path around it. The Park Service is very strict in what’s allowed on and around the refuge. I’ve included a photo of the signs posted near the road that all should read before walking the path around the pond. Take special note on the brown sign of do’s & don’ts… especially the small print at the top warning you of crocodiles, rattlesnakes, & scorpions found on the property. Though I’ve NEVER seen any of them myself… I’m quite sure they’ve seen me! 🙂

You can find the Ohio Key Wildlife Refuge at Mile Marker 39 on US-1 on Ohio Key oceanside. As big as it is, it’s easily missed since the main very large sign faces the channel not the road and can only be seen from the northern end of the bridge over the Missouri Ohio Channel crossing onto the Ohio key.


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