Mile Markers… They’re Our Addresses!

Sign_CollageEveryone knows what a mile marker is… but, did you know that mile markers are literally used as addresses in the Florida Keys? Strange but TRUE! Businesses and homes alike have addresses that are located on US-1, also called the Overseas Highway. OK, just for the record, the word overseas means across the ocean, example: from the USA to Europe is in fact overseas. It would have made more sense if the road had been called the ‘Over The Sea Highway’.

So much for splitting hairs, here’s how the mile marker addresses work. A street address will be listed as 25324 Overseas Hwy. witch is actually MM 25.3 and another 107835 Overseas Hwy. witch is actually MM 107.8… are you getting the drift of it now? Here’s a real-life business address to test your new found skill as it appears on-line and in the phone book… but then again, who uses a phone book any more? 🙂 :

KLI Supply – 102265 Overseas Hwy. (would be approx. MM 102.2)

Here’s a quick list of the biggest cities in order as you go down the Keys and what MM you’d find them at:

Key Largo – MM 108 (beginning of town)

Islamorada – MM 90 (beginning of town)

Marathon – MM 50 (middle of town)

Big Pine Key – MM 30 (middle of town)

Key West – MM 4 (beginning of town)

Happy address hunting now that you know how it works! 🙂

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