Mobile Mosquito Control

Believe it or not, while driving to Key West I saw the mosquito control truck spraying on a side road and actually turned around flagging him down asking if I could take these photos. The things I do for a blog! 🙂

Seen below is one of the Key West Mosquito Control District trucks out on his route in the Monroe County portion of the Florida Keys. He didn’t mind at all showing me how powerful the sprayer was as he gassed it for the photo. Look close at the back of the side view of the pickup truck and you can see the small mist of fog-killing spray. A rear view of the fog machine is also pictured while not spraying.

They obviously don’t kill all the mosquitos, though I’m very grateful for the ones that are killed never having a chance to bite me… and boy do mosquitos LOVE to bite me! 🙂 I kid you not, I got bit twice while taking this photo! TRUE 🙂

You can find any one of the many Key West Mosquito Control District trucks patrolling Monroe Counties portion of the Keys during mosquito season. Happy hunting mi amigos, I got lucky in seeing this one and couldn’t let him get away without snapping a few photos for your viewing pleasure!

PS – It’s always a good idea to bring along a spray can of ‘Deep Woods Off’ for extra protection during mosquito season… especially if going to Mosquito central better known as Lignumvitae Key! That’s from first hand knowledge I assure you! 🙂 I think that’s called “Lessons Learned”!


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