“Remember The Maine” Key West’s FORGOTTEN Bronze Plaque

A plaque seen mostly by Key West’s free-roaming roosters! (photo to the left & below) The plaque is overlooked and passed by thousands upon thousands of tourists and locals alike never knowing it’s there! 😦 Truly a sad sad fact! There’s no signs, no lines & no fees to see this forgotten heroic battle cry “Remember The Maine”.

Here’s a history lesson for all you youngsters among us! 🙂 The Battleship USS Maine was the pride of the US Navy in 1898 that sunk in Havana Harbor Cuba becoming the spark igniting the flame that started the Spanish-American War.

If the photo below looks bare (cement base & plaque only) that’s because the top portion of the monument has been moved to the more prominent location of Mallory Square.

You can find Key West’s FORGOTTEN “Remember The Maine” plaque on the grounds of the main post office located at 400 Whitehead Street on the left side of the building’s front entrance.


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