Mile Marker 69

Mile Marker 69

Today’s blog is about Mile Marker 69 which is located at Mile Marker 69 on Hwy US-1… duh no kidding! 🙂 OK, those of you that didn’t get that please raise your hand… thank goodness I only see one, two… three of you! 🙂

You may or may not see Mile Marker 69 on your next trip to Key West. Why you ask… here’s the scoop: The Florida Department Of Transportation (DOT) says that so many of these signs are stolen due to the number 69 having a sexual connotation that they have trouble keeping them on the posts! 🙂 Yes, that’s 100% TRUE! I’ve personally seen the missing signs numerous times… on the other hand, I’ve posed (like 1000’s of others) standing beside the sign to get my photo taken as I give it 2-thumbs up and say “Cheese”! If you look close at the post below the #69 you can see previous holes of past stolen signs. They now apply more bolts in order to keep would-be thieves at bay… I said TRY!

Mile Marker 69 on the southbound lane has 2 beautiful palm trees just behind it that makes a great photo. Remember… THUMBS UP! 🙂

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