State Park Tour Boat Landing

This sign has intrigued me for years, once you turn right as the arrow indicates there’s absolutely nothing showing where to go next. Why don’t they have enough signs!

I quickly parked the car at a flea-market and began searching on my own to no avail. I returned discouraged and vowed that the next trip I’ll break the mysterious code… and I did. Here it is, the State Park Service hasn’t operated a tour boat from this location for approximately seven years. The tour boat shuttles going to Lignumvitae Key & Indian Key State Parks are now privately operated by individual boat captains out of Robbie’s Marina. Oh yeah, there’s still NO signs telling you where to go after exiting the main road! 😦

You can find this sign referring to a State Park Tour Boat Landing at Mile Marker 77.5 bayside. Sadly you must ask around on your own near the waterfront for more information… or do you? In weeks to come I’ll be spotlighting the two islands, their tours and where to sign up! Your friendly helpful Florida Keys guide, Mr. 365 Days 🙂

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