Does Your Boat-Shaped House Have A Boathouse?

boathouseDoes your house have a boathouse? Sorry… I really meant to say; “Does your boat-shaped house have a boathouse?” Prepare to be in AWE! This is one of the most amazingly unique homes I’ve ever seen.

This is an astounding red & white-painted personal home in the shape of an old-style steam ship complete with porthole windows and it own lighthouse. Nothing less than awe-inspiring! Way too cool! Oh yeah, building a home like this they expect people to stop, look and take photos of them. With that said, this blog is not about its front, it’s about its boathouse around the back! Look at the featured photo, this is the back of the home with a fully roofed boathouse connected to the incredible boat-shaped home.

You can find this ‘Steam Ship Lighthouse Shaped Home’ at Mile Marker 53.3 on US-1 oceanside turning onto 122nd Street (aka Yacht Harbor Drive) and simply driving to the very end. (that’s to see the front) To see the boathouse simply rent a boat and steer it around the back! 🙂

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