Northernmost Territories Of The Conch Republic

Seen here is something that us ‘Conchs’ (people born & raised in Key West) are proud of!

The Northernmost Territories Of The Conch Republic flag represents the Florida Keys seceding from the United States in 1982 forming its own country. It’s actually a TRUE story inspiring this flag. Here’s the scoop gathered firsthand from the battlefield on that fateful day! 🙂 At noon on April 23rd, 1982 the Island of Key West, in a mock ceremony, declared its independence from the United States forming a new nation which it called ”The Conch Republic” and hoisting its own flag. The Northernmost Territories simply means the ‘Upper Keys’.

To read the entire hilarious TRUE story behind the naming of the Conch Republic click back there… you know, the highlighted words ‘Conch Republic’ earlier in this sentence! 🙂

You can find this flag proudly hung in the rafters of Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill Tiki Bar at Mile Marker 104.00 bayside.  Seen below is the Tiki Bar rafters from afar so you can orient yourself in finding it.


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3 responses to “Northernmost Territories Of The Conch Republic

  1. Rob Roeck

    Where can you buy a flag?

    • Only souvenir store in the northern portion of the Keys, mainly Key Largo. One would be Largo Cargo, the other just as you enter Key Largo going south on the right is a very large souvenir shop that probably has it. Good luck. Thanks for reading our blog! Mr. 365 Days

  2. Captain Morgan

    Too bad you can’t get on on line. I’m not driving all the way down to Key Largo to buy a flag.

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