Fresh New Upcoming Blogs

IMG_3131I’ve just returned from my 14th Key West New Years Eve celebration in the last 15 years. Wow, what a blast we had!

I’m returning with many new interesting photos and stories for a number of upcoming blogs. Here’s a capsulized snap-shop of things to come: ‘Welcome To Paradise’ sign, alternative New Years celebration sites, Key West time capsule, KW’s only London phone booth, hometown Brew, new full-length mural, see-through wall murals, largest lobster painting, Pelican school mascot, civil war cannon, AIDS memorial’s new portion, peddleboarding rentals, and the ever funny NASCRAB races! 🙂

As you can see we’ve covered the gambit from historical to hysterical so stay tuned for some unique insights into Key West lifestyle and experiences… no matter the extreme! 🙂

IMG_3146     IMG_3099     IMG_3109

IMG_3110     IMG_3111     IMG_3114

IMG_3124     IMG_3135     IMG_3137

IMG_3140     IMG_3141     IMG_3145


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2 responses to “Fresh New Upcoming Blogs

  1. Steve

    Did you enjoy a beer at Boathouse when you took the pictures there? The cannon picture is from Branson’s estate next to Boathouse. We enjoy your blog daily.

    • Hello Steve, Yes we did have a beer at the boathouse and took our photo sitting at the table by the bent tree. I walked around the Boathouse dock and looked around the corner seeing the cannon and photographed it. I then drove to the gate and spoke to the owner himself as he told me about the cannon… very nice man. Thank you for reading our blog. Do you live in Key West? or better yet by the Boathouse and the cannon?

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