Key West’s Coconut Fence

Key West’s Coconut Fence

I LOVE IT! Every once in a blue moon you run across something by accident that is so neat, so unique, so colorful, and so different that it makes you smile and go wow.

We were riding bikes around town when we turned the corner and I instantly stopped saying: “How cool, now this will make a great photo!” What an awesome photo opportunity this turned out to be, an up close all in a row multi-colored coconuts on a brightly painted picket fence! Some may call this an eye sore, while other consider it an awesome artistic display of uniqueness & pride. Located in the cities Jamaican, Bahamian & Caribbean section of town, the many colors represent their countries colors along with a Jamaican flag on the lower portion of the fence with three plywood Caribbean figures cut out and nailed in-between the length of coconuts.

To find this display go to the corners of  Baptist Lane and 221 Petronia Street just a few blocks south of Duval Street. Enjoy this FREE site while creating your own first hand opinion. I can only hope that one day they restore this faded attraction to its former brilliant glory!

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