Buy Your Guy A Christmas Buoy!

Human Buoy / Floating Room

Are you having a gift dilemma for that man on your Christmas list that already has everything ever made under the sun! We’ll call this man Bob… come on, what other name can I use for a man floating  in the water as the waves make him go up and down! 🙂

Does Bob already have a $62,000 Corvette shaped in-ground swimming pool at home and invites you over for a swim to impress you? Is Bob drawn to the ocean and already has a speedy sleek $214,637 Cigar race boat that he takes you out for sunbathing, skiing & day trips? I bet you a dime to a dollar that billionaire Bob doesn’t have one of these next one-of-kind oceanic accessories in his growing collection of boy toys! This unique room with a view can be yours for weekends alone anchored near a secluded island oasis that no one else can even stay at since no rooms are available… not you my friend, your room has been brought with you!

This human buoy, floating room, hotel for a boat can be found on US-1 at Mile Marker 99.5 bayside in Key Largo the dive capital of the world. Just think, Bob’s buddies can tow him and his girl to a perfect diving spot and leave them anchored over nite for some quiet time alone in the water as the sun retreats beyond the horizon for a cozy evening under the stars! Just remember Courtesy rule #101, If Bob’s Buoy is rocking then DON’T come a knocking! 🙂

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