Christ Garden, Cross & Gazebos

Beyond a doubt the most beautiful Christian related area in the entire Keys! An astonishing collective presentation of subtle and some not so subtle reminders of the sacrifices Jesus gave.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll see. Jesus on the cross is presented at eye level, it’s a carved masterpiece including where he was pierced in the side by a Roman soldier with the spear of destiny. The sculptor spared no expense in time detailing every rib, muscle and facial features that you almost forget it’s a statue. The second is unmarked and so subtle that I only noticed it as we were walking away. The cross in the ground looks more like a walkway that ends in 3 directions. The third is a gazebo topped with a cross surrounded by trees that greet you as you enter the garden’s area.

The collection is well displayed and provides a calmness far away from the crowds of tourists that flock to other parts of Key West. See these and more at the St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Church Gardens located behind and to the side of their activity building at the corner of Truman Avenue & Windsor Lane. This amazing display is 100% FREE and worth your effort and getting here.


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