Silly Fun: Cuban Band Headboards

Enough seriousness in the past week with several blogs on historical & educational topics, it’s time for some goofy, silly no harm fun! Ever wanted to play instruments in a Cuban band knowing you have no talent at all? (like us) 🙂

These headboards come in all shapes and sizes throughout this vacation wonderland. There’s the common ones that you stick your head into and then there’s these more realistic body shaped types that you put your head on top of. As we posed for a photo, an even sillier idea popped into my head as we switched headboards while a small crowd of 6 or 8 people began to laugh. You know what, after we finished our photo shoot they too posed as the opposite band member proving that laughter can influence others in a spur of the moment to act as silly as you!

You can find these particular Cuban band headboards located on the back side of the ‘El Meson de Pepe Restaurant’ building facing the ocean at Mallory Square here in the heart of Key West tourism.

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