Porky’s Part 1 & Part 2

Remember the Hollywood blockbuster movie from 1982 called “Porky’s” about a group of teenagers out for a good time with names like “Pee Wee”, “Meat” along with an overweight bar owner named “Porky”… well, this blog has absolutely nothing to do with it! :-)

I found this BBQ cooker sitting beside a bamboo fence mounted upon a mobile trailer that can be towed to your next cookout! It’s at a local hangout known as ‘Pontoons’ where you can dine at a waterfront table watching sailboats slowly pass while enjoying a waning pastel painted sunset.

You too can “Pig Out” with your own portrait of this uniquely shaped oinker. To find Porky Pit BBQ, go to Mile Marker 108.1 as you head south on US-1 and take the access road once on the 18-mile stretch bridge and follow the road to its end.

In the same theme, pictured below is Porky’s BBQ Bayside which is the former hangout of such notables as Ernest Hemingway, Elizabeth Taylor & Jimmy Hoffa! The asinine entrance, 9 pork butts, count them up there’s actually nine… ASS OF NINE! :-) You can find this Porky Pig paradise just before the 7-Mile bridge at Mile Marker 47.4 on US-1 bayside.


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