Key West’s Narrowest Beach!

Seen here is Key West’s narrowest beach measuring approximately ONLY 20′ across! Locals have named this Dog Beach since our furry four-legged friends are seen here frequenting its shores more than any other beach on the entire island.

Though called Dog Beach, it’s not limited to its name sake. Beachgoers young & old, male & female, picnickers & sun worshipers alike can be seen taking advantage of this prime real-estates small but sandy shore. As you can see, there are no facilities AT ALL, only a bike rack and five picturesque palm trees adorning this quite & remote outpost known as Dog Beach.

You can find this hidden & secluded paradise at the corners of Seminole Avenue & Alberta Avenue exactly next to a very popular locals watering hole and restaurant called Louie’s Backyard.


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2 responses to “Key West’s Narrowest Beach!

  1. We love Dog Beach, and have never thought of it as the “Narrowest Beach”, but that is an awesome new perspective, so thank you for sharing!

    • Hello Ocean Vue Key West! Have you read the blog I wrote about your unique boat? My wife and I would love to take a ride in it on our next trip to Key West and write a follow up blog telling all my readers how GREAT of an experience it was! Let me know. Mr. 365 Days

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