Is This Animal House’s Deathmobile?

IMG_1648Have I found the movie Animal House’s infamous ‘Deathmobile’? A 1978 comedy cult classic hailed as one of the all-time great college party movies ever filmed featuring funny-man John Belushi!

OK, after a side-by-side comparison (seen below) that took only a half second, I guess I didn’t! ūüė¶ It was the first thing I thought of when seeing it bringing a big smile to my face… hence today’s blog. It’s kooky¬†enough to giggle at and point to as you pass it driving down the road. Yes, there will be a FEW of you that actually stop and check this parade-type contraption¬†that really does have a small car underneath¬†for its¬†propulsion. Hey, you’re going to pass it on your trip to Key West anyways so why not know it’s just ahead! ūüôā

You can find this ‘Deathmobile’ wannabe at Mile Marker 53.0 bayside sitting in front of a strip mall and auto parts store.

IMG_1649     Deathmobile Art Car For Sale Front

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