You Are Now Entering The Mission Field

IMG_1402I’ve always enjoyed signs, whether their humorous, play on words with dual meanings, flat out silly or something uniquely different and unexpected as this one! I often drive into church parking lots and around the buildings never knowing what I might find… hence today’s blog.

I’d say that MOST people associate the term ‘Mission Trip’ with churches who send members of their congregation to foreign countries. Missionaries are persons, families or groups who in general are sent out to spread the gospel and provide humanitarian work. I’ve found a church that not only sends missionaries abroad but also has set their sights on the local community to spread their love throughout this tropical island paradise they call the ‘Mission Field’.

To find this ‘You Are Now Entering The Mission Field’ sign for yourself, simply make the loop in their driveway and look on the back of the exit sign. The Vineyard Community Church is located on Big Pine key at Mile Marker 30.9 bayside on US-1 turning onto County Road and driving about 1/4 mile on the left.

Here’s a blast from the past found in another church parking lot, check this churches humorous sign ‘Thou Shalt Not Park Here’.

IMG_1404     IMG_1403

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