A Jellyfish Picnic

IMG_2224TRUE, we had a jellyfish picnic! Here’s how, we took off on our bikes never knowing where we’ll end up when hunger tells us to stop. On this day we were on Stock Island ending up at this beautiful dock on the edge of a waterway leading to the Atlantic Ocean. We got comfortable with sandwiches, chips and beer in hand when low and behold a jellyfish insisted on showing us his latest acrobatic moves for the next 10 minutes… upon finishing we stood and gave him a standing ovation. ūüôā P.S. – Good luck on finding your own jellyfish! Either way, you’ll enjoy your alone-time picnic with not a soul in sight!

While here, look to your right and see the ‘Quiet… No Wake’ sign blog on earlier.

You can find this hard to find self-proclaimed picnic area just past the Stock Island Marina Village. Go to Mile Marker 5.0 oceanside turning at Burger King onto 5th Street, down 5 blocks taking a left on 5th Avenue, down 1 block to Shrimp Road and turn right. Once on Shrimp Road drive down a half mile just past the Stock Island Marina Village turning left till the map turns blue.

IMG_2223     img_2222

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