Abandoned Bridge To Nowhere… And I Mean Nowhere!

IMG_1763I’ve been here three times and I absolutely love it! This out-of-the-way abandoned bridge to nowhere is AWESOME!

Wow, what a beautiful sight for the camera this is, you can take some great quality pics I assure you. It’s an absolute thrill crossing 16 feet of ocean to get there from the safety of shore and then making your way up the ladder… sorry, what am I thinking… there is no ladder! 🙂 There’s pegs in the timbers to assist your climb… you’ll make it. The walk on the bridge is equally exciting never knowing what you might see in the water or on the other side! We saw a manta ray, many different types of fish and even a SHARK! 🙂 (true)

Believe me when I tell you that this bridge goes to nowhere! Though it’s seen going to this tiny island, that’s where it ends… and I mean tiny island. I’m not quite sure why this bridge was built in the first place, but I am sure there’s nothing on the other side today that anyone would ever want to build a bridge to! If your adventurous and insist on walking around the tiny island, bring your galoshes because portions of it are very muddy!

You can find this hidden swept away bridge at Mile Marker 25.0 bayside, turn on Horace Street going down to Northside Drive, turn right going only .1 mile to Niles Road and turning left. Drive down 1.5 miles and park your car walking down the path on your right for approximately 3 or 4 minutes.

IMG_1779     IMG_1760     IMG_1761

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