Jet Ski Training At Ibis Bay

Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time… and this was one of them! After our daily 3-4hr bike ride around the island of Key West, we found ourselves at a table ordering lunch and chilling with some long neck bottles!

Within minutes a group of 13 water-bound Evel Knievel wannabe’s mounted their jet skies for a 10-minute lesson on ‘What’ and ‘What not to do’ in the open water. Though putting on a good face as they pretended to listen, there minds were reeling with only one passion in mind… that’s right “Hauling Butt” as soon as they could get the instructor to shut up! One-by-one they started their engines and were pushed back into the water gathering behind the instructor like ducklings on a first swim.

The photo below shows a shepherd… sorry, I mean expert instructor turning his head seeing if his flock is still intact for their maiden voyage. I’m wondering how many of these manly men forgot their training once out of sight of their fearless leader… hmm, I’ll guess at least half! I bet those are the same ones that “Don’t ask directions” & “Don’t read instructions”! 🙂

There are literally dozens of these types of places located around the island paradise. This one can be found at the Ibis Bay Resort & Restaurant on North Roosevelt Blvd. here in the wet water wonderland of Key West.

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