Florida Key’s License Plate Central

IMG_0094License plates, license plates and even more license plates! Old, new, Florida, Wisconsin, Alaska… they’re all here!

There’s a number of Florida Keys bars and restaurants that use hang-up gimmicks such as dollar bills, business cards, ball caps, and even bras as their calling card for uniqueness… this restaurant chose license plates. In fact they’ve used them as wallpaper, lampshades, fence décor and even their dinner plates… OK, I made up that last one! 🙂

Here’s how to find this Florida Keys license place oddity. Pull into the parking lot of Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen at Mile Marker 99.5 bayside where you’ll see them on the exterior restaurant sign and upon its outer fence. While here, look to your right and check out the 3D Shark Mural blogged on earlier.

IMG_0092     IMG_0222

IMG_0217     IMG_0219

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