Beatles – Let It Be

Beatles - Abbey Road Album

Beatles fans must read! OK, I’ll ‘LET IT BE’ after finishing the second part of the story to the previous blog ‘All You Need Is Love’. Yes, I know it’s the Abbey Road Album not Let It Be… but it looks so cool! Sometimes during my blog research I run across so much neat & interesting information that I debate whether or not to include it all. In this case I chose to omit it regrettably, that’s why I’m adding this appendage and making good on my first instinct to include it. The Hard Rock Cafe on Duval Street in Key West contain memorabilia from multitudes of musical artists but the ones that still draw the most attention are the Beatles. Here’s some of the reasons why in the rest of the omitted blog: Yet more of their prior names; Blackjacks & Quarry Men. Pete Best, known as the 5th Beatle was replaced by Ringo (a former Hairdresser) at the last moment before recordings began. A little known forth guitarist Stu Sutcliffe who came up with the name “The Beatles” died of a brain hemorrhage in 1962 and was never replaced forcing Paul to learn how to play bass guitar. February 1963 a Chicago radio station plays their song “Please Please Me” one time! August 1963 Dick Clark’s American Bandstand plays “She Loves You” and was laughed at and scorned by teenagers on the show. Beatlemania began on Feb. 9th 1964 on the Ed Sullivan Show as fainting females demanded their return a few days later on the 16th & 23rd and the rest as they say is history! Over their short 6 years they recorded 205 songs, almost an astonishing 100 of them made the charts (30 of them in 1-yr alone, 1964), once occupied the top five songs in the nation with a phenomenal 14 different songs in the charts at one time, they had 20 #1 hits selling to date nearly 2 billion albums and made 5 films; A Hard days Night, Help!, Yellow Submarine, Magical Mystery Tour & Let It Be. They are beyond a doubt the biggest rock band of all time! On one of my world trips I mailed my oldest sister Deborah (a lifetime Beatles fan) a postcard from Liverpool, England that she received on the EXACT day of her birthday… “What a great Birthday present!” she later said.” I feel so much better now that I’ve told you the REST OF THE BEATLES STORY! 🙂

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