Naked Duck Anyone?

IMG_1606With Duck Tours being only a few months old in Key West, this maybe the ONLY time you’ll ever be able to see a ‘Naked Duck’.

After years of controversy, paperwork & debates, Duck Tours has finally been permitted to operate on the streets and just off the shore of this tourist mecca. They started out with two brightly painted tour vehicles called ‘Ducks’ since they also go in water. Seen here is the third edition to the fleet since becoming so overwhelmingly popular beyond expectation. Having to expand so early gives us tourists a rare opportunity in seeing the naked duck before its glorious transformation.

Here in Key West, lucky for us it’s parked outside for all to see only separated from us viewers by a standard chain link fence. For this photo I simply raised my camera over the fence and snapped blindly 3 or  4 times hoping I captured one centered photo. It’s funny, the 1st photo was this one which turned out to be the best of all. The gate to the fence is open during most of the operation hours of the day to allow you a chance in photographing yours without sticking your camera over the fence.

You can find this ‘Naked Duck’ currently being worked on during its conversion at the corner of 1st Street & Staples Avenue here in the tours newest conquest Key West.


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2 responses to “Naked Duck Anyone?

  1. Caitlyn

    KW had duck tours way back in the (early?) 90’s but got caught up in lawsuits by the conch your train companies for all these years. Glad they finally got there!

    • Thanks again for reading and commenting on our blogs. I was aware of the long drawn out lawsuit of which I posted a blog on June 27, 2011 and only heard my aunt and uncle tell me of the brief prior stint of the Ducks prior KW tours. I too am glad they are back! Thanks again for reading! Mr. 365 Days

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