Parrotdise Bar & Grille

parrotdiseWhat a great place for a multitude of fantastic photo-ops! Don’t lose your chance on seeing the views that permeate around every turn. Though the business itself is now closed, I’ve confirmed over the New Years weekend that ALL of the sights featured are still there awaiting your own picture perfect postcard photo.

It’s rare that one location offers so many opportunities as this one does. On your next trip down budget 30-minutes to walk around the grounds and pier before it sells and the new owners remove or change its enchanting ambiance. Not every business lives up to its name as this one does… believe me, it’s truly Parrotdise!

You too can exercise your right to explore a slice of heaven on Little Torch Key by turning right at Mile Marker 28.3 bayside onto Barry Avenue and going about 1/2 mile on the right into the parking lot of the Parrotdise Bar & Grille. Don’t put this one off, as we all know father time marches on and he’s constantly visiting the Florida Keys! 🙂



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