Overseas Highway

Harry S. Truman Overseas Highway

When you hear the word ‘Overseas’ you think of Europe, England or some other far off land. The term ‘Overseas Highway’ you’d  that there was a road leading there. Well NOT in this case! Though some think this road is misnamed (me included), maybe ‘Over The Sea Highway’ would be more appropriate. With that said, here’s today’s blog. 🙂

Stop by and see the ONLY Harry S. Truman Overseas Highway sign in the entire Keys. Located at Mile Marker 91.7 exactly 1 mile north of Islamorada and sits in the median between the North and South bound lanes and can be missed in a heartbeat so be on the lookout. The Overseas Highway is one of the names for the southernmost leg of US-1 and is considered a modern wonder. The road follows the path originally laid out in 1912 by Henry Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railway stretching all the way to Key West. The railway closed after severe damage to the roadways & bridges in a 1935 unnamed hurricane and was then sold to the state of Florida. Construction of the highway began in the late 1930’s using some of the original railway spans as well as the coral bedrock of each key and its specially constructed bridge columns. This is surely of interest to  those History buffs along with the weekend tourists!

Overseas Highway Sign



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3 responses to “Overseas Highway

  1. Once again: The Florida East Coast Railway is not “Railroad” and the correct corporate name is FEC RAILWAY.

    Seth H. Bramson, Company Historian

    • Hello Seth, I corrected Railroad to Railway about 1 minute after it posted and you evidently saw the original posting. Almost got it right, the bad habit is almost broken… I’ll get there!

    • Hello Seth, I’ve done it again on today’s blog 12/02/11. It’s already changed to Railway if you were to look at it real-time on-line at ShoestringWeekends.Com

      This blog was written months in advance before you and I fist wrote to each other. I’ll try to catch future mishaps from happening… hey, at least I’m aware of it now and catch it on my own! 🙂 Art

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