Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Thank you all! We’ve finally reached 700 permanent ‘LIKES’ of readers signing up for their daily dose of 365 Things To Do In The Florida Keys & Key West. I want to personally thank you for signing up and reading the daily blogs. Along with the 700 ‘LIKES’ we have some 1,300 or so finding us daily on the web through search engines like GOOGLE pushing our daily totals as high as 2,000 people a day! Wow 2,000 people finding out more information about the Keys each day just warms my heart and truly keeps me going even if you don’t know who I am… which leads me to this. Last night 5/6/11 at my Oak Ridge High School class reunion in Orlando, Florida I thanked a couple of people for ‘LIKING’ and commenting on my blogs to which they replied “I didn’t know that was you!” So here’s a shout out to Joe M. & my cousin Mary Lou proving that in fact it’s me! 🙂 Thank you all so much for reading the blogs and I hope to continue finding new interesting subjects to write about in the future.  Sincerly, Mr. 365 Days

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