Flagler’s Express

Welcome to the official visitor center for Pigeon Key and home to the historic Henry Flagler RR Express tourist train. OK, first things first, on what Florida Key would you expect to find the Pigeon Key Visitor Center? If you said Pigeon Key then you’d be wrong! Pigeon Key Visitor Center is located on Knights Key exactly across from the northern end of the historic 7-Mile bridge. Pigeon Key is actually 2-miles further south only accessible via the old 7-Mile Bridge. OK, second things second, 🙂 here’s todays test: What’s the difference in a locomotive and a train? A train refers to all of the cars being pulled and the locomotive. A locomotive only refers to the engine pulling the remainder of the cars in the train… I heard that on TV last week! 🙂 Seen in the photo is one of the old tourist locomotives pulling a single tourist car that in the day would have held anxious awaiting passengers eager to travel across the old 7-mile bridge to the lesser visited Pigeon Key. Although the tourist train has been retired due to concerns of how much weight the old bridge could hold, you can still reach Pigeon Key via boat with ticket available for sale inside the visitor center. You can find this historic relic that your parents might have ridden on at Mile Marker 47.0 across from the 7-Mile Bridge on Knights Key. PS – A future blog will highlight the island of Pigeon Key itself which is full of spectacular views of the new & old 7-Mile Bridges!

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