Fly Navy’s Trumbo Point… Key West’s TALLEST Building!

Welcome to Trumbo Point on the northwest corner of the island of Key West. It’s one of several remaining bases comprising in whole of the Key West Naval Air Station.

The base itself was originally a Navy seaplane base and then later a haven for helicopters. Today, it is primarily used for military housing and is the site of the former Bachelor Officers Quarters, now known as the tallest building on the island of Key West, a three-wing highrise. Trumbo Point also contains a restaurant, bar & lounge, vacation rental villas for active and retired military personnel, a pool and water park.

You can’t miss it, just look for the very prevalent ‘FLY NAVY’ logo atop Key West’s TALLEST building. Though not open to the public… as most Navy Bases in the USA… you can still get relatively close to it as I did seen here. Simply go to the Key West Sailing Club at Sailboat Lane and walk out to its pier and you too will get the picturesque FREE view of the sailboats in front of Key West’s TALLEST Building.

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